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My GPU collection - the beginning

Posted on:30 март 2023 г. at 17:12 ч.


Sometime almost a year ago, I decided to start collecting old tech. And video cards are the most interesting to me. There is a wide variety of different technologies and designs. For now I’m trying to collect older cards first.

All 16 cards are collected in the last 9 months. I haven’t had time to test them to see if they work. I’ve bought them as working, but that’s no guarantee of course. I have bought them from different places at different times and only now have the free time to document them. I plan to make between 2 and 4 updates a year. It depends on whether there is something new and interesting. In the next video I will test them, but for now I will just show them. And let’s start with Nvidia.




I have one card in my collection that is neither NVIDIA nor AMD. The model is Trio 64 from S3. S3 Graphics was an American computer graphics company. Struggling against competition from 3dfx Interactive, ATI and Nvidia, it merged with hardware manufacturer Diamond Multimedia in 1999. Two years later, the graphics portion was spun off into a new joint effort with VIA Technologies. The new company focused on the mobile graphics market. VIA Technologies’ stake in S3 Graphics was purchased by HTC in 2011.