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Why Popular Car YouTube Host Are Leaving Big Channels?

Posted on:25 юни 2024 г. at 17:12 ч.

Shift in automotive YouTube space

There has been a trend in the past few years of former hosts at big car Youtube channels leaving to start their own ventures. This trend highlights a few key shifts in the car Youtube landscape:

Desire for Creative Freedom - Many former hosts, like Alex Kersten from Car Throttle and Edwin from Top Dead Center, mentioned feeling a loss of creative control at their established channels. Starting their own channels allows them more freedom to pursue the types of content they’re passionate about.

Building a Personal Brand - Youtube allows personalities to connect directly with their audience. Former hosts leverage their existing fanbase to jumpstart their own channels, bringing a loyal following along with them.

The Rise of Collaboration - Established channels often have limitations on collaboration. New channels offer more freedom to work with a wider range of creators, potentially leading to fresher content and reaching new audiences.

Monetization Opportunities - Successful Youtube channels can be quite lucrative. Starting their own channel allows former hosts to potentially capture a larger share of the ad revenue and explore other monetization options like sponsorships and merchandise.

Shifting Landscape at Established Channels - Several videos mentioned changes within the larger car Youtube channels, including acquisitions, budget cuts, and changes in content direction. This can make established channels less appealing to some creators.

In conclusion, the trend of former hosts leaving to start their own channels reflects a desire for creative freedom, building a personal brand, and potentially greater financial opportunities within the ever-evolving world of car Youtube.

Jeremiah and Zach from Donut Media (June 2024)

Former Donut hosts, Jeremiah and Joey, announced their departure from Donut and introduced their new Youtube channel, BigTime.

In the first part of their first BigTime YouTube video they talk about their experience at Donut. Jeremiah started out as a writer for comedy series while Joey came in as a car enthusiast. They both loved their time at Donut and credit the channel for helping them grow personally and professionally. However, over time, they felt that the content they were creating strayed away from what they originally signed up for. They mention missing the creative freedom and feeling burnt out after having to constantly pitch ideas.

The second part of the video focuses on their new channel, BigTime. Jeremiah and Joey promise to create content that they are passionate about, including car builds, drift racing, traveling, and more. They emphasize that they want to reconnect with the car community and and and focus on making videos that are fun and informative. They mention they will still be popping up on the Donut channel occasionally to fulfill contractual obligations.

In 2021 Donut Media was acquired by Recurrent Ventures, a digital media company that also owns The Drive and Car Bibles.

Alex left Car Throttle - AutoAlex (Apr 2022)

Alex has been working at Car Throttle for 10 years. He started as website editor and became employee number one. Car Throttle started as a blog in 2009 by Adnan Ibrahim. Alex met Adnan in 2012 and was hired a few months later. They tried different contents such as car reviews and builds and comedies. Project MX-5 and Two Guys One Car were very successful.

Alex decided to leave because he dreamed of starting something new and take risks. He wants to do more stuffs with Phil, go on more adventures, collaborate with other youtubers, and share cool stuffs. He also mentioned that he is 37 and engaged now, so it’s now or never.

Edwin from Car Thrrottle and Will from Overdrive - Top Dead Center (Feb 2024)

Edwin worked at Car Throttle for almost 9 years. He started there at 18 years old and gave up his university degree to work there as an intern. He eventually moved to the social media team where he met Will. They became best friends and would spend their weekends working on cars or going to car shows. In 2019, Car Throttle was sold to a large Media Company and things started to change. The team shrunk and the budget was cut. Eventually, Edwin was told that he was not allowed to work on cars anymore and that’s when he decided to quit.

Will also started at Car Throttle as an intern in 2016. He worked on the social media team with Edwin for four years. In 2019, the company got sold and it didn’t feel the same anymore. In 2020, Will took a voluntary redundancy and started working as a writer for Overdrive. He eventually became an on-camera presenter. In October 2023, he was made redundant and the channel would probably be sold.

After both losing their jobs, Edwin and Will decided to pursue their dream of starting their own Youtube channel together called Top Dead Center. They will be sharing their adventures and the things they do with cars. In the next episode, they will be working on a very rare Porsche.

Ethan and Jack left Car Throttle too - All The Gear (Apr 2024)

Two former Car Throttle presenters, Ethan and Jack, are the last (for now) who left the channel to pursue new adventures and start their own channel called All The Gear. They loved their time at Car Throttle and the amazing experiences they had, but after a combined 20 years, they wanted a change and to pursue other things. They acknowledge the changes that Car Throttle has gone through over the years and believe it’s a good time for them to move on.

Ethan and Jack then discuss what their new channel, All The Gear, will be about. They explain that the channel will feature a variety of adventures, including road trips, car stuff (at Ethan’s request), silly challenges, strange purchases, and camping trips. They also mention that they will be collaborating with some familiar faces from Car Throttle.

The video ends with a Q&A session where Ethan and Jack answer some questions about themselves, such as their knife skills, favorite color, and weirdest place they’ve ever slept